Welcome to the Crypt Club!

A macabre group of creatives and those who love them.


The Nicest Undead You'll Ever Meet!

The Crypt Club is a creative discord for artists of all types to get together, share their work, and find an audience for it.

The Crypt Club values creativity, originality, professionalism, and kindness. LGBTQ+ run and supportive!


1. Be respectful to everyone.
If your comments aren’t helpful, positive, and constructive they might best be kept to yourself.

2. No racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, or otherwise general hatefulness.

3. No copypasta and shitposting out of #memes.

4. All venting, sad times, and other emotionally stressful things belong ONLY IN #vent. This is done to give power to members so they can decide what they want to see and engage with.
Being overly negative in other channels will result in a kick, then ban.

5. Meme responsibly: Any memes that cross the line of Rule 2 are not allowed.

6. No harassment, stalking, or imitation allowed toward any member of the Crypt Club.
Posting anyone’s personal info (yours or others) will result in a ban.

7. No posting NSFW material outside of #nsfw.

8. Please use spoiler tags when talking about games, shows, books, comics, and any form of media REGARDLESS OF THE CONTENT’S AGE.

9. Please read channel descriptions.
If you’d like to see them all in one place they’re here: [Link when ready]

10. No roleplaying.

11. Long text should be contained to a file or pastebin document. Do not place walls of text directly in chat. Keep bot spam in #bot_fun

12. Do not block admins or moderators.
If we can’t get in touch with you we’ll kick you from the server.

13. Do not complain about moderation in chat.
All issues with moderation need to be handled privately via DM with a moderator or via email:
[email protected]

Channel Information

#nowlive: All streaming related information goes here. Post only when you're live! If you'd like to be added to the automatic announcement roster; Ask Skullstho.

#artistinfo: A list of artist in the Crypt Club and where to find them. Follow the guide in the pinned messages.

#introductions: Introduce yourself!

fun: This is where all bot game participation should go.

#picturesofyou: Selfies and other things of this nature go here.

#todayilearned: Random information and trivia that you learned today.
#inspiration: Found some art that inspired you? Listened to a speech that motivated you? Post it here, with appropriate credit to the creator.

#visualart: All art that you can see with your eyes goes here. This includes sculpture and textiles.

#commissions: Are you selling your services? Want to show off what you got? Do it here!

#critique: Want to receive some feedback on your work? Ask for it here. Remember to be constructive.

#cosplay: Cosplay and costume related pieces belong here!

development: Working on a game? Pixels? Codes? UIs? It belongs here!

#music: Wrote up a tune you like? Heard a song and wanted to share it? Post it here!

#resources: Found a handy guide or tutorial? Share with the group!

#writing: Want to share you work? Ask questions? Seeking advice on plots you're stuck on? Do it here!

#nsfwart: 18+ ONLY channel for more risque art. ALL NSFW ART GOES HERE. Please read the rules in pinned messages very carefully before posting.

#chat: Idle chitchat belongs here.

#gaming: Talk about video and boardgames here!

#memes: Funny images and text. Be tactful in your meme-ing.

#videotime: Videos belong here. SFW ONLY.

#animals: Pets, animals, fur babies.

#vent: This is where venting and sad talk go. Be sure to check the pinned messages and channel description on how to interact.

Roles and What They Mean

What do the Roles mean?

Lich King:
Skullstho. It's only ever Skullstho, honestly.

Tiny Necromancers:
Moderators! If something goes wrong, they're here to help as best they can, or tell me that something is up.

Skullstho's super besties 4 lyff xoxo

Little Skeles:
That's you! Probably.
Members of the community.

Newcomers who haven't agreed to the rules quite yet.